Early magazine is a work magazine for real life, brought to life by the minds behindĀ Bright + Early. Co-editors Nora Jenkins and Sydney Allen-Ash tell stories about work that are immersed in real life and all the messiness, complexity and nuance that comes with it. Early Magazine also is home to all the Bright + Early guides, including the Expecting Playbook.

Early Magazine main page

Early Magazine on mobile

The goal with this project was to design something unique and unexpected. A little bit retro, a little bit "skate zine", and totally real.
The result is a flexible Webflow CMS with multiple page templates that allows authors and editors to quickly and easily post articles, guides, and interviews with unique page layouts that are dripping with style.

Art direction by Sam Jayne

Built in Webflow and totally responsive, the magazine features different article templates based on category. Authors have to simply select a category, choose an accent colour from a dropdown and an editor uploads a graphic. Dead easy.
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