The goal with this project was to update the Bright + Early branding from monotonous pastels and design something bright and fun to display B+E's unique, modern approach to HR, and then design and build a new website using the Webflow platform.
Bright + Early is a Toronto-based HR consultancy known for building unique, data-driven and inclusive HR programs. In their few years of operation, B+E has worked with over 100 companies across North America to build cutting-edge people programs.
I was hired on as Bright + Early's creative director to lead their rebranding and website redesign.
The Problem
The then-four year-old Bright + Early branding was not feeling as bright as it could. The logo was relatively thin, and the colour scheme was mostly beige. It didn't feel as cool as it deserved to be, also the colour palette was extremely limiting to work with.

The old Bright + Early logo and colour scheme

The Design Process
Inspiration was taken from colourful images of summer days, and the brilliant hues of sunrises and sunsets. While on a trip to Mexico, I photographed every shade of sunrise and sunset that I could. The bright colours in the skies, reflecting in the clouds, and off the beaches and ocean were an A-ha moment for me. Everything about those moments was inspirational.
With a colour scheme chosen, the logo work seemed to flow easily. Working closely with the founder, dozens of typeface choices were presented and narrowed down to which ones had the most summer-like vibes.
The sunray lines of the old logo were thickened slightly and leveraged for the new logo. The higher contrast typeface brings some much-needed visual weight and feels, well, brighter.
Website Development
Designs for the Bright + Early site were done entirely in Figma. What sets the design apart from their competitors is that Bright + Early is not trying to conform to the boring corporate everyday template that you'll find elsewhere. Hand-drawn shapes scroll in and out of view. Illustrations were provided by Emily Perelman. Built in Webflow and fully responsive, the B+E site scales beautifully to any device's screen size.
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