"Your one stop shop for all things home" is HomeStars' goal. Since their early days as a simple directory for reading review about home contractors, HomeStars has evolved into a marketplace for homeowners to quickly connect with local trusted professionals to get their home projects done. I started in those early years and watched the company grow into a massive organization.
Projects at HomeStars included: a complete redesign to the HomeStars website, driving the increase in connections between homeowners and reliable contractors. Leading with positive interactions and easier workflows for all users.

Example design of a contractor's listing page on HomeStars.

Designed and launched the first HomeStars mobile app for the contractor user base, who are often on the road and unable to use a desktop product, with 80% adoption.
Designed and launched a chat interface for homeowners to connect with contractors, along with associated user flows.

Example design of a Pro's dashboard

Designed the StarScore system, a major innovation which solidified their acquisition strategy. And, designed the branding for the HomeStars Verified program, where contractors can leverage their high score to build trust with clients.
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